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Why counselling and psychotherapy?

Most of us experience worry or depression at some stage of life and need to come to terms with pain, disappointment and confusion. Often this can be resolved without outside help. Sometimes, however, the difficulties persist, causing unhappiness at home, work or in our relationships with others. This may be because current issues are stirring up feelings from the past of which we are not consciously aware. Counselling and psychotherapy can help us to understand and make sense of hidden aspects of ourselves. It allows us to live life to its full potential.

Some people may be uncomfortable asking for therapy, believing they should be able to manage alone. However, professional therapy can be a real turning point and can lead to greater confidence in dealing with the challenges of life.

How long does it take?

This is something that you and your therapist will discuss together. In short-term counselling the focus is usually on working with a specific problem. In psychotherapy the work goes deeper, exploring and making sense of patterns from the past that limit present choices.

How can it help?

In a safe and confidential setting you will be encouraged to talk as freely as you feel able. By listening, reflecting and questioning, the therapist tries to help you to make sense of your experiences. As the relationship between you and the therapist develops, you may discover new insights and different ways of being. The aim is to help people understand and accept themselves, and to be supported in coming to terms with their conflicts and difficulties.

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